Marble Surface

Santa's Little Helper Box

A gift made to warm up your loved ones heart. A little sweetness, a little holiday cheer, all together with some excitement from the real Christmas lights embedded on the box! Perfect for friends and secret santa gifts!


What you will need to create your own box is:

  • A wooden box with a fence (from a gift store - I got mine from Jumbo in Cyprus)

  • A green garland and some beige paper for the bottom of the box (mine is from Jumbo in Cyprus)

  • Tiny fairy lights operated by batteries (Mine is from Jumbo Cyprus)

  • A red Christmas mug (I got mine from Jumbo in Cyprus)

  • A red or white candle (I got mine from Jumbo in Cyprus)

  • A Lacta Chocolate (from convenience stores - got mine from Jumbo in Cyprus)

  • A red Christmas cracker (I got mine from Jumbo Cyprus)

  • A candy cane stick (I got mine from Jumbo Cyprus)

  • A few decorative potpourri (mine is from Jumbo Cyprus

How to assemble the box:

  1. First pass the green holiday garland through the fence openings of the box.

  2. The add the batteries in the fairy lights and the cable through the fence too. Make sure the battery pack is in the back of the box.

  3. Add the paper on the bottom of the box.

  4. First add the big components of the gift in the same way as the picture above, the candle, the cracker and mug.

  5. Then add the chocolate and candy cane where you can see some empty space in the back.

  6. To finish add the potpourri wherever there is empty spots.

  7. Finally, make sure you turn on those fairy lights when you're ready to gift the present for some extra smiles! :)