Stress Relief Tips: When it all gets a little too much

We all get overwhelmed from time to time. What do you do if it all becomes too much?

1. Plan for some Alone Time. It all begins with scheduling it in. If you don’t, you’ll find excuses not to. Just as we schedule meeting with others, we can schedule ‘ME’ meetings too! :) Who better to take good care of ourselves, than us? So make yourself a priority and give yourself the time to relax, be creative, enjoy a drink and recover. Some argue that something like this would be selfish. But we connect with people, and create personal relationships based on how good and comfortable we feel with ourselves. If we are tired, don’t feel creative, don’t enjoy our everyday lives, our daily connection with people will suffer. So take that time; schedule that coffee date with yourself. :) 2. Meditate What do you think meditation is? Meditation is not some woo-hoo practise, that forces people to close their eyes and do nothing for 10 minutes. Meditation is kind and gentle and all about being present. You can see meditation in religious environments, wellness practises, even music. What meditation does is bring you to focus on the present. You can have music on, no music, be outside on the grass, in your bed, be guided even. Meditation gently reminds you that this moment your experiencing right now is all that exists. All the stress and anxiety your feeling is either in the past or the future. So breathe deep, slow down your breath, close your eyes and just focus on this moment. Want to get a taste of what the means? Click the link here and try this Body Scan Meditation, which allows you to relax every part of your body individually.

3. Drink your favourite warm beverage. There’s something about preparing a warm drinking, cosy up on the sofa with a blanket, some candles, low lighting, and just drinking that brings a warmth in my heart. Serenity. Try focusing on just your drink, and if it’s close to bedtime, try avoiding coffee. You could have some tea, hot chocolate, or your favourite beverage to help you release some stress and enjoy that moment. 4. Watch a light movie Watching a funny video, or a comedy can sometimes help us change our focus even if it for a couple of ours. If your daily life is quite stressful these days, just pick a funny rom-com, make some homemade popcorn and just let go for a couple of hours!

5. Exercise Sometimes our tension can come from simply not moving enough! Especially at these strange times with people in quarantine, make sure to release all that energy and tension stored up throughout your day. Go out for a short walk, do a workout through Youtube, find something you enjoy! This is a channel I’ve recently discovered on YouTube for Yoga practice that I really love! What’s your favourite online practice? Share it in the comments below! 6. Express yourself creatively Pick up that brush, write that story, play some music, bake! What’s your favourite way to express creatively? Sometimes going through our adult life we forget what makes us spark. We can find ourselves get lost in the day to day routines, giving excuses how we never have the time. What better way to take up on that challenge and do that now? 7. Read a book (or listen to an e-book!) Whatever it is you enjoy reading, whether it’s novels, biographies, learning more about developing yourself and your skills, reading can help you get lost into another world, forget about whatever is going right now in your reality and learn or relax. And if you’re the kind that learns better by listing, then don’t fret it, just listen to an ebook that makes you happy. Our society may put pressures on us like “you have to read books”, but at the end of the day we are all different and we all learn in different ways, so knowing what makes you work best is only setting yourself up for success. 8. Talk to a friend. When we think about something in our minds, over and over again we tend to make is so much bigger and complicated than it usually is. When we talk to a friend we can release all those anxieties and fearful thoughts we have stored up in our body and mind and allow someone that really cares about us to give us perspective. A point of view that we don’t usually see because of being caught up in our thoughts. 9. Ask for professional help. We go to the doctor if we feel sick. We should be able to go to a professional and seek help if we feel we need to. That doesn’t define us in any way. Asking for help from someone who knows exactly how to help you is one of the most loving presents you could make to yourself. Either if it is a psychologist, or a coach, choose someone that you feel can help you the most with what you need in this moment. You are gifting yourself the beautiful gift of self care.

10. Try downloading the Anxiety Digital Box on our website.

Want to start from somewhere but are reluctant to go to a professional? Why don't you start with some simple exercises that will help you discover more of yourself, what you love and happiness? You can download the box for free form the Digital Boxes section. What’s your way of releasing tension? Comment and share it below! Until next time, stay healthy, stay safe! M. x