Five steps to prepare your own personalised Gift Boxes

So you have a friend's birthday coming up, your mum's name day or your brother's graduation day. And you're looking everywhere for a unique gift, but none stands out.

Let's discover how to create a gift box for them, full with their favorite goodies!

"I don't know how to do that" I hear you say. I got you covered! How do you start? How to you plan for something like that? and then where you even put all these goodies?

Let's discover in five simple steps how to prepare your personalised gift boxes!


Now it's when you brainstorm! Write all the things you can think of that they like. You can ask these questions to determine some categories or even products to write down.

  • What hobbies do they have? What do they like doing in their spare time? Do they like movies, books, nature, gardening, baking?

  • How is their lifestyle? Are they a parent, a single mum or dad, a busy enterpreneur, do they like sleeping in or waking up bright and early?

  • What kind of food or drinks do they enjoy? Are they a coffee or a tea person, do they like a clean diet, do they have a sweet tooth?


At this stage you want to set a maximum budget for the gift, so that when you go out searching for presents you immediately know if a product or service fits your gift criteria or not!


By now, you hopefully have a list of hobbies, interests, lifestyle related topics to build your gift on. And know how much you want to spend on the gift in total. So the next step is all about researching what's out there!

I like to go online and get a feel for what i want first. Search for the different types of hobbies and interests you found and what people enjoy. Going to sites like Pinterest for example let's you discover some great gifts. For example you could search "gifts for nature lovers" and get some great ideas of what's out there.

You can use other sites like Google search, instagram, or even specific shops if something comes to mind. Try to save this links.

What I like to do is pick a theme for my gift boxes. For example let's say this person likes nature, walks, hiking, being in the mountains. I would research the kind of products that nature lovers like and then pick 3-4 to add in my gift box that fits my budget.


Now it's time to bring everything together. You bought the gifts, so now it's all about presentation. The great thing with gift boxes is that it gives a visual image straight away of all the goodies. So a great box to fit them all in is crutial! It could be a paper box, a metal box, a wooden box, even a big bowl if you're gifting baking goods!

TIP! Adding some ruffled tissue paper on the bottom can give an even more impressive look, and don't forget to add a wish card! :) Here's some examples of boxes and how to arrange the gifts below:


One of the best moments for me personally is when you see the reaction of your loved one's once they receive their gift! Their excitement and happiness for a gift that has been thought through and it's tailored to their interests and passions is one of the best emotions!

And just like with anything, keep at it and you'll become better and better at it!

Good luck!

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